Samuel Bouchet

Full-Stack developer, Game developer


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🌏 Name / Link At In
FR [đŸŽ„ #ADDON2022] Samuel Bouchet - Rendre rĂ©active sa UI Unity ADDON 2022
FR A Time Paradox - considérations techniques Gamedev afterwork 2020
FR A Game Studio - Une expérience du jeu indépendant e-artsup 2019
FR Unité et élégance d'un game design Gamedev Afterwork 2018
FR Le Level Design de A Time Paradox Gamedev Afterwork 2018
FR Désign éthique et jeu vidéo Gamedev Afterwork 2018
FR Reselect par les tests (support non disponibleÂ đŸ˜„) NantesJS 2018
EN No-js resiliant app with isomorphic React and Redux NantesJS 2017

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My Video Games

đŸ”„ Released games
Name / Link Date Description Genre In collaboration with
A Time Paradox
2018 The first game of infiltration against one-self Timeloop Puzzle See
Never Lose Rope 2010 Grappling hook based platformer, race or collect all the stars ! Arcade platformer John Ingemi (LD),
Brad Freeman (SD)
😍 Mods
Name / Link Date Description Genre In collaboration with
Capsule 2015 Capsules can capture a region containing any blocks or machines, then deploy and undeploy at will. Inspired by Dragon Ball capsules. Minecraft Mod
đŸŽČ Advanced Prototypes
Name / Link Date Description Genre In collaboration with
The Rune Maker 2014 Loot runes and combine them to create overpowered stuff ! Puzzle
Chain It 2010 Isometric color-combo puzzle game inspired by Disgaea dungeons Puzzle
💡 Ludum Dare games
11 games on legacy website (might be down)
Alternative link: openfu archive of the 11 games on legacy website
Few of them are still playable due to flash being dead and to the lack of backups over a long period of time. Remains memories, pictures, descriptions and comments.
3 games on new website
💡 Utopiales Game Jam
Name / Link Date Description Genre In collaboration with
Human Evolution 2016 Explore human and robot minds, who knows what you could discover ? Interactive fiction KĂ©vin Pieplu (graph),
Nicholas Codet (graph),
Jaqueline Florencio (graph),
Youri Bossus (SD)
Button Factory 2015 Quickly find each button purpose in the factory panel to save the poor worker fallen in the conveyor belts ! Puzzle Pierre Chabiland (dev),
RĂ©mi Gourrierec (graph),
Louis Godart (SD)
Hyperconscience 2014 control manually more and more of your body organs that usually works unconsciously. Dexterity/Rythm Vincent Boulanger (dev),
Simon Ernould (graph),
Hugo Bruvry (graph),
Stanislas Bureau (SD)
Tardis Paradox 2013 Is the prototype that became A Time Paradox. Arcade Renaud Bardet (dev),
Julien Rollan (graph),
Mathieu Lagadec (GD)
Symbiose 2012 Turn-based strategy game where you need to defend, discover and adapt against growing flora. turn-based strategy Julien Rollan (graph),
Marie Garel (GD),
Lizandro Becerra (GD)
Past Watch 2011 Rewrite history by preventing events from the past to reach world equilibrium Arcade Alain Puget (GD, vfx),
Julien Rollan (graph)
💡 Global Game Jam
Name / Link Date Description Genre In collaboration with
Bump My Chick 2017 Wave a tablecloth to catch fluffy chicks. Arcade/Zen Arnaud Roy (SD),
Marie Bouchet (anims)
Les fous du rouage 2018 Side-scrolling party game with gliding cars. Party Game Arthur Cougé (dev)